Mixed Feelings at Maple Shangri-la

Monday, June 10, 2013

Oh yeah, it’s another restaurant with breakfast food. I’ve been meaning to check out Maple in Makati but haven’t had the chance to head there. Imagine my delight when they opened a branch in the new East Wing of Shangri-la Mall! 

To add good vibes to the day, Maple Shang had a tie up with Citibank wherein cardholders would get 50% off on their bill. Double yay. I was disappointed to see that Maple (and most of the new wing) was dark – they didn’t have a lot of natural light.

Country Iced Tea (P105)
They use real tea and it had a refreshing zing of orange.
Maple Buttermilk Pancakes or Belgian Waffle (P275 + P75 for the bacon on the side)
The light and fluffy buttermilk pancakes or a thick Belgian waffle dusted with powdered sugar.
I wanted the Belgian Waffle but it was unavailable. Actually, a lot of items were unavailable on the day we visited. This was the first dish to arrive and true to its description - it was light and fluffy. Their maple syrup isn’t as sweet as the usual ones I’ve had. I thought these were terrific but eventually compared to the other dishes, it paled in comparison. From the number one position, my pancakes slid to third after tasting the 2 dishes mentioned below. 
Sunrise, Sunset (P390)
Two delicious buttermilk pancakes, stuffed full of grilled cheddar cheese and Canadian ham all drizzled buttery hollandaise sauce topped with maple glazed bacon and a sunny side up eg.
I’ve never had a savory pancake so this was a first. The saltiness of the ham and bacon balanced the sweetness of the pancake. It was a nice change of things. I liked the Sunrise, Sunset but don’t see myself ordering it in the future. It was delicious but I think if I finished the whole dish on my own, I would get tired of it quickly.
Maple Bacon Carbonara (P350)
Linguini pasta tossed with creamy parmesan sauced topped with crispy glazed bacon.
In the beginning I frowned upon the carbonara because it was so simple - you can have it anywhere. I ate my words because Maple’s version was exceptional. The sauce alone was flavorful even if you didn’t eat the bacon. The carbonara sauce exploded with the saltiness of the bacon and dashes of garlic which in my book is love. It was that good that you could have the noodles just with the sauce and adore it.

I wish that they were situated in a higher floor where natural light could flow in matching the restaurant’s concept.  It was a good thing Citibank had a promotion with the restaurant because during our visit, we had bad service. Another table cancelled their order because their Eggs Benedict never arrived. When I was calling for a server with my arm in the air, a waiter made eye contact with me and looked away. It makes think twice about revisiting Maple. I will try to visit the Makati branch where I hope ambiance and service is better. For the Shangri-la branch, I do hope they can work on their service so that if there’s a next time, it would be a more pleasant visit. It’s such a shame that good food is over shadowed by service.

Maple Restaurant
L/GL Shangri-La Plaza, East Wing, EDSA corner Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City
Btw, floor levels in the new wing are confusing. See above, Maple is on the L/GL. Whuuut?

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