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Monday, April 01, 2013

I first encountered the Asia America Initiative (AAI) when Owee and I shot Country Director Bai Rohaniza Sumndad–Usman, who is Honey to us, for a project. Since then, Owee has since been volunteering for the organization.

What is AAI? Simply put, it is an organization bent on promoting peace and awareness in conflict ridden areas of the country especially in Muslim Mindanao.

AAI’s main thrusts are education, peace mediation, health and livelihood. 

They also embark on relief operations when typhoons and tragedies strike.

The organization also helps bridge the gap and misconceptions between Christians and Muslims in the country. There are so many problems in our country and this is an important issue. To know more about AAI and how YOU can help, visit their site.

An easy way you can help is by shopping, one thing a lot of us women enjoy. Owee shot all of the products for sale. Just last week, we had a short shoot to where the accessories are being used. We coupled together some of the pieces for some arm candy worthy photos.   

Earrings (P80)

Single Peace Bracelets (P60)

Single Peace on Cord (P50)

Braided Cord

Set with Small Beads (P70) 

Set with Big Beads (P70) 

Bracelets with Chain (P80)

Necklaces (P100)

Here’s where the arm candy party starts!
Single Peace on Cord (P50), Braided Cord, Single Peace Bracelet (P60)
Oh and the necklace too.

We called this the girly set.
Single Peace Bracelet (P60), Braided Cord, Bracelet with Chain (P80)

I called this the black and white set while Owee calls this the Rocker set.
Single Peace on Cord (P50), Single Peace Bracelet (P60), Set with Big Beads (P70) 

Red and purple for the dress set.
Set with Big Beads (P70), 2 types of Bracelet with Chain (P80) 

I loved how the photos turned out and as always had fun shooting with Owee. We had a “sinuka ng summer” theme, the phrase I describe my style, for the shoot but it started raining so we had to adjust.

Do I even have to convince you to buy? They have so many nice items that after shooting, I walked away with 7 pieces. Ahihihihi There is only 1 piece per item so make sure to buy HERE already!

Let us help AAI continue the good work that they do.

* All photos from AAI. Accessory photos by Owee Salva-Yulo.

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