Wakeboarding at Republic Wakepark in Nuvali

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This is my last trip with the OFW. Omi wanted a last hurrah before heading back to Vegas and we decided to head south to check out Republic Wakepark in Nuvali. I’ve been to Camsur but never blogged about it so this was my 2nd time to try wakeboarding. On a sunny Monday, we breezed through the SLEX for another adventure.

Off the bat, Republic’s rates are affordable which include gear rental. Only get your gear when you’re about to ride because that’s when the clock starts. We arrived around 11 AM and since the park has a lunch break, we decided to wakeboard after lunch to maximize our time. While waiting, I explored the compound. 

We loved the ambiance in Republic, it was a chill place to hang out and enjoy the day. It was perfect for unwinding. 

What a superb way to start the week. 

Beautiful skies on a Monday.
The wakepark’s store.

They serve okay food at usual tourist prices. 

 The massive advanced lake.

When you enter CWC and Republic, you see the advanced lake first and I thought that was the beginner’s lake which was awfully intimidating. My heart calmed down when I realized that wasn’t the case.

Can’t keep gushing about the good weather we had on this trip. Isn’t it a wonderful day to wakeboard?

Besides the restaurant, you can hang out in this area which is located in between the beginner and advanced lakes.

Republic doesn’t have a lot of activities for kids unlike CWC. Kids can play in the little play area though.

 This is the beginner lake.

When I tried wakeboarding in CWC, I got the 1 hour pass and was able to try 10 times. Unfortunately there is only 1 cable line in Republic VS 2 lines on each end of the lake in CWC. This makes wait time considerably longer.

How bad was the wait? On a weekday I was only able to get 3 tries – 1 every 45 minutes. Be ready to stay the whole day in order to get the most out of your visit.

The beginner’s lake was significantly more slippery than the one in CWC making it tough to get out. I had a hard time and I felt embarrassed that I had to ask help from time to time.

Republic has a lot to improve on. They don’t have lockers so expect to leave your bags and valuables out in the open. Thank god there was always someone manning our table. 

The addition of a 2nd cable line in the beginner’s lake is a must. While the 1st line is doing a run, the instructor would be briefing the rider in the 2nd line already. It would make the waiting period much shorter. 

In CWC we also had “land” instructions before heading out to the lake which helped me ride. We didn’t have that in Republic. 

I’m annoyed that there are only 8 showers in the WHOLE complex when we visited in July. 8 showers for all the female wake boarders??? Are you kidding me??? It’s as if management didn’t have foresight. There are actually 2 shower areas - one is next to the restaurant which has 4 showers and always wet. The second one is pictured above which is located near the store and undeniably much better. There weren’t a lot of people using this area which was awesome and I liked that they used the rain showerhead here. The second shower area is a more serene area to shower in. 

I will chalk it up to birth pains. I hope that Republic can implement more improvements to make the wake park more enjoyable. I’m worried that on my next visit, throngs of people will be around and lines would be exponentially longer. 

However without a doubt its location is its best asset; you don’t have to take a 10 hour bus ride or 1 hour plane ride to wake board. Perhaps it’s the price you’ll pay for its proximity to Metro Manila. If you’re looking for other activities that you can do, you’ll be disappointed when you visit. Nevertheless if wakeboarding is the only thing on your mind then Republic is the place for you.

Republic Wakepark
West Diversity Boulevard, Nuvali, 4027 Calamba, Laguna
Visit this link for directions to Republic.

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  1. Seriously? The wait was that bad? How much did you actually pay for all the rentals?

    1. Yes, the wait was that long. I hope changes have been made already. Thankfully, we spent just for the 1 hour pass - P250.

  2. This is really amazing experienced. I never try this wakeboarding in any part of the Philippines but I would love too do it. The Nuvali place is really cool and perfect for outdoors activities. I am glad to visit your blog and found this exciting event. Thanks.

    1. Hi Nehvabby, thanks for passing by. =) If you have the time and patience the place is worth a visit.

  3. thanks to your blog. now i have the idea already. i just want to try it and i guess republ1c is the most affordable and accessible place to do wakeboarding :D

    1. Glad to help out. =) I hope on your visit they have better systems in place for a nicer experience. Let me know how your visit goes.

  4. When I saw that wait line in the beginner's area my jaw dropped... WHAT!?

    I should then consider myself lucky since when I was at the beginners area in CWC it was only the four of us Friends that were using it.

    However, I hope that they have already made improvements since I was actually planning to go there around the end of June or early July.

    1. Hi LJ, thanks for passing by. =) It's been almost a year since I went and like a lot of people, I do hope that the line has gotten better. Let me know on your visit if it has.

  5. Hi Rica! Nice blog you got here. I'd like to know if the wakeboard is provided? Is it included in the rental fee? :)

    1. Hi Victoria =) Yup the wakeboard, life vest and helmet are part of the rental fee.

  6. Hi i saw there is a P300 rental for the wakeboard, is that a separate fee aside from the wakeboard rental? Thanks

    1. Hi Perl, the question was answered already. Rental fee includes the board, vest and helmet. =)


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