Mitch Mauricio and Wiji Lacsamana collaborate for Karesinda

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I’m thrilled to share that my friend Mitch has another exhibit on going! She collaborates with artist Wiji Lacsamana to tackle sexuality and the female body in Karesinda. The exhibit combines strong imagery with embroidery; a partnership not often seen. 

About the exhibit:

Artists have been using the female body as a tool for examining humanity since men learned to paint in caves. In Karesinda, illustrator and tattoo artist Wiji Lacsamana and photographer Mitch Mauricio examine what it is to be female, and how this translates into desire.

Sexuality and lust have long been associated as something that transpires between two people, when in fact, this can be achieved solely. The comfort zone, at least in the realm of sexuality and all those that come with it, has been the longing to achieve an orgasm via a partner.

Karesinda is the caress, the seeking of self-awareness through sexual exploration, specifically the sexual exploration of the female self. “Stories about the sexual miseducation of my female friends and relatives made me realize there is something important to say,” Mauricio says.

It is a collection of Mauricio and Lacsamana’s memories, as well as a catalogue of stories from friends and acquaintances, all women, told in photographs that feature colorful embroidery barely adorning naked human form. “[I have always been interested in] ‘womanity,’ which entails the beauty of being a woman: the sensuality and the strength of womenfolk,” Lacsamana says.

Fans of the artists will notice a marked departure from the familiar, with Maurico eschewing her trademark stark lighting to experiment with pastel tones and Lacsamana embroidering in colors unfamiliar to her past work.

The photos are stark and frankly sexual, a strange but compelling juxtaposition of the sexual nude with bright, fluttery things associated with cuteness and pre-pubescent femininity, an insidiously disturbing mix that forces the viewer to come to terms with women’s desires.

Karesinda is not just the opening of artistic doors. It is the exploration of what is in a woman’s mind, as well as what is between her legs.

The mix of the photographs with the patterns forms pieces that provoke thought. DIY crafts are a big trend now and it’s nice to see some facets of life going “analog”. I actually wanted to see more pieces. I gravitated towards the pieces that had a lot of embroidery and photographs that weren’t blatantly sexual. 

As the brief mentioned, the photographs deviate from Mitch’s usual style. As her friend, I’m ecstatic seeing Mitch doing something new and going beyond her signature style. Congratulations Mitch and Wiji! I’m proud of you Chicks!

You have until November 24 to visit the Pablo X Gallery for the Karesinda Exhibit.

Karesinda by Mitch Mauricio and Wiji Lacsamana
October 20 – November 24, 2012
Pablo X
2289 Pasong Tamo Extension, UPRC III Building, Makati City
The gallery is open Tuesdays – Saturdays from 12 – 7 PM.

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