Christmas Give List: The Headware Products

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Yeah, I'm pimping one of my goods but they are really wonderful.

The aroma of puto bumgbong and bibingka has filled the air, carolers’ harmonies surround you and blinking lights are everywhere. Alas, all the signs point to our favorite holiday approaching - Its Christmas time y’all!

If you have your Christmas list finished, finding the perfect presents for your loved ones should be a breeze. Do your Christmas shopping without the hassles of uncertainty by completing your list with just checking out The Headware’s arsenal of products.  With a great number of retail partners all over the country and a presence online, The Headware is accessible.

Whatever their personality is, you’ll surely have a Headware product that is perfect for them.

Thanks to The Headware’s Wicksorb feature, the Basic Headware is a good accessory to any activity. Sweat inducing hobbies like yoga are made more bearable with the handy Basic Headware. Treat your Yoga Enthusiast Boss to a Basic Headware style that suits your boss best. 

The plain Basic Headware can be used by men and women. When the annual exchange gift comes and you don’t know who your baby is, the plain design is a good unisex present.
Your officemate is the outdoorsy type. On his adventure seeking trips, the Basic Headware will serve as a useful accessory.
Your Marvel Comic fan of a friend will have a field day collecting the 20 designs The Headware has.
The Basic Headware can be used as a skirt or a tube top. Pick a design that your fashionista friend would adore to add to her closet.
Give your favorite couple his and hers Loop Scarves.

The Headware has a myriad of patterned designs that any cousin would love to receive this Christmas.
Shower your god child who’s a huge Spiderman fan with the numerous web slinging hero designs that The Headware has.
Add a punch of color to your niece’s tennis matches by giving her one of the designs from the Kids’ line.
Your brother will not be fishing for compliments with the Headware.
Your traveler sister will enjoy the numerous uses of The Basic Headware when she’s on the road. She can use it as an eye mask, neck scarf and beanie among other uses.
Help protect your mommy friends and relatives from the sun when on a trip with the kids or watching her child’s soccer game with the Headware Visor. 

 Ensure that your dad is protected during training. The Reflector Headware wicks sweat during the day and provide extra protection during night trainings.
The Headware has something for your grandparents too. Treat your Lolo and Lola to a cozy Loop Scarf. 

* All photos from The Headware. View this link to see the complete list of Headware retail partners.

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