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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

With less than P200 in my wallet and hunger pangs during a strong rainstorm along Granada Street in Quezon City, where can I eat? Luckily, I was with Nix and college kids Terry Boy and Art who frequented the area well. They put the decision in my hands, stay within budget with good food at Redmix or check if plastic money was accepted at Thaidara? My practical gene won and we headed to Redmix.

There is nothing over P100 in Redmix’s menu. Given the price range, I was pleasantly surprised that the interiors were simple yet tastefully done. Redmix has ala carte and value meals you can choose from. Terry Boy spoke highly about the different rice meals in the restaurant. 

Super Meal 1: 2 piece chicken, 2 cups of rice, ice cream and large drink (P100)
Doesn’t that sound like a lot for P100? The drink and ice cream aren’t in the photo though. Terry Boy was right, the chicken was delish, it was juicy and packed with flavour that I would come back for it. 

Super Meal 2: Chicken BBQ Burger, your choice of pasta and large drink (P85)
I picked the Pesto Pasta for my meal. The burger uses a bun that is especially similar to our pandesal and the chicken patty had a strong meaty, spicy and robust taste which went perfectly together. The burger had pickle relish which I am not a fan of; next time when I order this I’ll just asked for it to be removed.

The chicken pieces in the pasta tasted exactly like the chicken burger patty. When it comes to red sauces pastas, I slant towards the Italian palette more than the typical sweet Filipino palette.  I’m used to sampling sweet pasta sauce in red pastas but it was my first time to try a version of a pesto pasta dish. That sweetness turned me off. 

Rocky Road Homemade Ice Cream (P25)
There are only 3 variants to choose from: avocado, rocky road and pistachio.  Compared to commercial ice cream, Redmix’s Rocky Road was considerable less sweet.  

Overall, we had a great meal at Redmix and because of this satisfying experience, I look forward to coming back to try the rest of their menu. Your money will go along way when dining at Redmix where food is affordable and filling.

Granada corner N. Domingo Streets, Quezon City
Redmix has branches in Binondo, UE, Recto, Aurora and New Manila

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