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Monday, June 25, 2012

I am lucky to have parents that support my interests and my work. They've always instilled in me to pursue my passions. They've never told me to veer away from my work because it was unstable or financially unrewarding. It’s the same idea I try to share with others. I like having life and work talks with friends and I love trying to help them find their passion especially in terms of work. What about me? At this point in my life, there’s a path I’m trying to pursue work wise but I haven’t reached my goal yet. In time, hopefully I will get there.

For some people, knowing what they want in life isn’t clear yet. Do you want to make a change? Try something new and join Lois Yasay’s Passion Play Retreat this weekend.
You deserve to find your bliss. This retreat may be out of your comfort zone but it might very well be the thing that will help you see things better. Head on over to the Sole Sister site for complete details.

May we all find the path to our bliss!

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