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Saturday, April 07, 2012

I’ve blogged about Tipco in the past and it is one of the brands that I adore. Tipco’s vegetable juices are not 100% made of veggies since they mix in fruits too. I’ve encountered a brand that is 100% made of veggies, sugar-free and doesn’t have preservatives; meet Rawlicious

Rawlicious has an extensive menu of drinks you can choose from which clearly indicates the ingredients of each drink and why it’s good for you. Their website is filled with information about the benefits of drinking your veggies and having raw food. In my quest to increase my veggie intake, I ordered 3 flavors first to try out.

Green Monster Xavier
Encourages healing & Aids in digestion. Made of pineapple, organic ginger, organic greens, and banana.  
When my order arrived, I excitedly opened this bottle first. I expected the drink to have some weird texture but it was all liquid. It smoothly went down my throat. Though I am not a fan of ginger, I am happy to report that the Green Monster Xavier only had a hint of it. Pineapple and banana dominates the flavor profile of this drink. Not bad for something healthy with no additives.

Green Loco Lucio

Made of cocowater, o'celery, o'greens, apples and banana.
I met Lucio the day after my order arrived. It might be cos it's been refrigerated but the consistency of Lucio was thicker than Xavier. I enjoyed this bottle more because it was colder. Haha At the beginning, I tasted the banana first so it reminded me of the Green Monster Xavier but after a couple of sips, the apple taste became more evident. Based on the description of Xavier and Lucio, I expected to love Lucio more. I was pleasantly surprised that between the 2, I ended up loving Xavier more because it was a tad sweeter than Lucio.

Green Lover Luna
High in nutrition, low in calorie. Watermelon is 95% water, it also promotes bright eyes & clean kidneys! Made of watermelon, banana, cinnamon, o’greens, and malunggay.
Out of the 3 flavors I ordered, I was looking forward to this the most. The mere fact that Luna had cinnamon in it made me fall in love. Chalk it up to my bias for cinnamon, Green Lover Luna was my favorite. 

Their drinks come in 2 sizes: 500ml (P105) and 1 liter (P195) and are made fresh. Since they don’t have preservatives, you need to consume your order in 2-3 days upon receiving them. If you live or work in the Makati, Fort, Rockwell, Ortigas, Greenhills, Mandaluyong and parts of Q.C. areas, you are in luck because they deliver there every Tuesday and Friday! There is no additional charge for the delivery but you their minimum order is 2 500ml bottles. They only accept cash on delivery. You can also visit their booth every Sunday at the Organic Market at Legaspi Village.

The offered drinks vary every week but I don’t have any problems ordering because Rawlicious sends me a text reminder of the available menu. I had a very easy and pleasant experience ordering from Rawlicious. I haven’t been able to order lately because I’ve been out of town a lot for work. Hopefully, after this big project and I’m home more often,  I can go back to ordering from them again.

Seriously, I don’t like vegetables but I highly recommend Rawlicious. Add more good to your diet and do yourself a favor.

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