Pampanga Food Trip: Abe’s Farm and Cold Spoon

Saturday, August 06, 2011

On one of Mj’s visits to Manila, Owee and I planned to take her out – out of town! It was our mission, to bring Mj to a place that she hasn't been to and would truly love. It was Owee’s great idea to take her to Pampanga to visit Abe’s Farm. I’ve never been to Abe’s Farm so I was more than happy to join the trip.

Owee really loves this place. Whenever a balikbayan would roll into town, she’d take them there. Abe’s Farm has the same food as the Abe’s restaurants here in Manila. Why troop all the way to the North for it? It’s all about the atmosphere.

Minutes upon arriving at Abe’s Farm, I understood why Owee fell in love with the place. Besides the magnificent food, the ambiance was equally great. The cozy interiors and open dining area made me feel at ease, I felt like time stood still. It was drizzling a bit when we visited which actually complimented our picks for lunch.

Paco Fern & Tomato Salad
Young rainforest fern with tomato in a light salad dressing.

I always love paco fern! As a non-veggie eater, this salad is one of the best salads I’ve tasted. The mix of the sourness of the dressing, the texture of the paco fern and the juiciness of the tomato truly makes it memorable.

Crispy Tadyang “D Original”
A Bistro Remedios original, marinated beef ribs deep-fried to delicious crispiness
Crispy outside yet soft and chewy inside makes this tadyang a must-have.

Fiesta meat roll with chorizo, egg and paprika, slowly cooked for hours.

I don’t have a lot of words for this dish. It was soft, saucy, tasty and lovely!

Suman Sa Lihya
The very first Suman sa Lihya I tasted was by Lina Vitan Catering during one of our tapings at GMA. That version was so memorable that it topped my “Suman List”. This one from Abe’s is as good as Lina Vitan’s!

After our feast, we toured the property and did our other fave thing – taking photos. The whole farm houses a pool, spa and huts for guests to stay over. The huge lawn has also been a favorite spot for group activities as well as prenup shoots.

Our Pampanga adventure wasn’t finished! We read about Cold Spoon Frozen Yogurt and wanted to sniff it out. Without any proper directions, we 3 lasses rode around Pampanga. Funny thing is, we asked 2 different locals directions and they would say “turn right” but point to the “left”. We got lost but eventually found our way to Cold Spoon. Just don’t ask me how we were able to do so! Haha

To be honest, their yogurt wasn’t that memorable. I wouldn’t call it my fave or crave for it. It’s not as sour as normal yogurt though. I did however like their interiors.

Research says we accomplished our mission successfully! We spent an entire day out of Manila and loved every bit of it despite getting lost. Don’t you just love road trips??

I miss road trips!!! I want one soon…..

* Additional photos from Abe’s Farm and Owee Salva.

Abe’s Pampanga
Barangay Ayala in Magalang, Pampanga
045-8651930; 0917-8085187
* Open daily except Tuesdays, for lunch, merienda and dinner from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Cold Spoon Frozen Yogurt
Lot 1, Blockk 66, Fil-Am Hi-way, Brgy Cutcut, Angeles, Pampanga

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  1. Nice! I agree! Its all about atmosphere. Plus a good trip does the soul good. =)

  2. Hi again Average Jane! Thanks for dropping by. I highly recommend visiting the place! =)

  3. Awwww, I remember! Good memories and absolutely delicious food! You guys are the sweetest, thank you!!! balik tayo please! hahaha!

  4. ok, si sim at mg ang nagreply! hahaha

    kimbee, when you have a longer stay in manila i'm all up for an adventure! =)

    emgee, good mems indeed! we are already lost yet we still had so much fun! haha =)

    kimbee and emgee, akalain nyong magoover quota tayo this year year seeing each other this sept and in dec? now that's awesome! =) yaaaay! cant wait!


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