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Monday, July 25, 2011

I’m pathetic. Sorta. Being the photography enthusiast that I am, I like the different photo apps for the iPhone/iTouch. But I don’t want to get an iPhone or iTouch. Mwahaha I just don’t find a need for it (everyone wants one, but can you really claim you need one?) and it’s pretty pricey. I find it too expensive for a phone and I really don’t see the iTouch in my life.

That being said, I’ve been desperately searching for a photo software for my loyal Nokia. The pathetic part comes here, I found one. Haha But it’s not as fantastic or even 1/5 of the greatness of the Hipstamatic (the FIRST photo app I came across that made me want to get an iPhone/iTouch), Instagram or Lemeleme.

Meet Molome – a photo software a Nokia that is from Thailand. Holler Thai neighbors!

adorable instructional video

The Molome is a photo editing software and a photo sharing software like instagram. In fact, its layout is like instragram. I found out about the app from the Ovi store. To get a copy of this FREE app, you need to make an ovi account in order to download Molome. It takes some time to download and install the program but I never had problems with it.

Molome has only 18 effects and I HOPE they have more. The 18 effects are very basic. The app will encourage you to upload photos because there are some effects that are locked and can be unlocked once you upload a certain number of photos. The instructions are relatively easy to understand so you shouldn’t encounter that much trouble with the program.

The app also has a link with Facebook or Twitter so whenever you post a photo on Molome, it can automatically be uploaded to the mentioned websites.

You can “love” and comment on your photos. Like Instagram, it will show your followers and who you follow. I have some followers but I don’t know them. Hehe Feel free to follow me too!

Here are some of my photos using Molome:
Don’t you want this book too?

Tilt shift effect

The Old Paper Effect

Any Nokia lovers out there? Do you know of other photo apps that are great? Holler and let me know please!

* Additional photos from:

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