Bellarocca Part 3: What to do Indoors

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Indoors here mean 2 things, inside your terraza/villa/room or simply inside facilities of the hotel. We did most of the indoor activities at night. Haha

Head to the Spa
Their actual spa is still under construction. They have a satellite spa that can be enjoyed by guests already. Just make sure to call the front desk and book beforehand.

Clock sometime in the gym
Again, this is for the health buffs out there!

Uhm, go online.
I highly do not recommend this. Haha The point of a great vacation is disconnecting from the world so this goes against it. Haha You can go to the recreation area where they have 2 PCs to go online. If you have your laptop with you, enjoy access from your room.

Get competitive, play Fuzzboll
It was a good thing we were the only ones in the recreational area when we played the first time. We were laughing our booties off!

Pass by their libraryThis cozy nook in the resort houses their book and DVD collections. Grab a couple to bring to your room for private reading and viewing.

Chess anyone?

We had a lot of profound conversations during the trip so we wanted to watch something light – we borrowed Star Cinema’s A Love Story and Love Happens. Mwahahahahahaha Aga Muhlach was so effective in the movie that I really had strong negative feelings towards his character. Tin and Berenice were witness to my madness.

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* Additional photos from
Tin Samson and Bellarocca

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