Bellarocca Part 2: What to do Outdoors

Friday, July 15, 2011

Their accommodations are good enough for you to want to stay in. The resort will tempt you to go out and have fun with their amenities. Believe me, there is so much to do on this island! Another thing that I like about Bellarocca is their inclusion of complimentary activities in their rates. Yes, we likey free stuff! Haha You don’t have to worry about what you can do around the resort. You don’t feel like a cash register whenever you go around. Wala yung “kadagalaw, bayad” mentality. (You don’t pay for every move you make.)

Take the Island Tour

(this is one of the many fave photos I have of the trip)
Upon our arrival, we were asked to register and were given a short talk about the resort and its amenities. We heard about the island tour and we all decided to take it after checking in so we’d have a good idea of what we could do.

We were surprised to find out that we had our own golf cart and guide to take us around the island. We seriously thought it would be a group thing.

Our lovely tour guide (I’m sorry I forgot her name!) entertained all our questions and she had all the answers! Haha We were able to check out one of the villas – the Neptune.

Jog, Hike or Walk Outdoors
Ok you’re probably thinking, “Rica, I want to relax noh!” Haha This shoutout is for the health buff noh! Hahaha The Bellarocca property is a good and challenging trail for runners since it has a lot of areas and the “roads” are winding.

Greens, greens and more greens! Can you say Animo much? Haha

Swim and Relaaaaaaaax!!!!
We spent most of our time in the pool rather than swimming in the beach. Haha There are 2 pools you can dip in, the Seaside Swimming Pool near the beach and the Hotel Lap Pool. We spent ample time swimming and relaxing. I think I did a lot of snoozing too. Hahaha

During our island tour, we were able to take great photos of the Seaside Swimming Pool because it was empty! Doesn’t it spell R-E-L-A-X-A-T-I-O-N??? We adored the furniture! Not only were they gorgeous, they were comfy too.

On our first day, we decided to stay at the Hotel Lap Pool because the Seaside Swimming Pool was crowded and noisy, boooooo. Tin and I were astonished with the wood they used in this area because it dried really quickly. The lap pool is best enjoyed when there are only a few people. No drowning scares for adults since the pool is just around 5 feet deep.

Yes, I brought my own booze. Cold drink, great pool, no phones, what more can you ask for?

On our second day armed with more knowledge, we headed to the Pavillion Restaurant for breakfast so that we could score good lounge chairs at the Seaside Swimming Pool. We didn’t get the egg chair area but it was ok, we had a portion all to ourselves anyway. We OWNED this area. I sound so defensive or protective, I know. It’s because a group of really noisy people arrived and I smelled that they wanted our chairs. Not only were they noisy, some of them were mayabang and maarte. Eeekkk…..

I brought my iPod while Tin brought some magazines. This is Maven Magazine’s premiere issue. This is ABS-CBN Publishing’s newest baby! Grab a copy at their second issue with Bea Alonzo on the cover!

The Beach
The shoreline was short and there were no lounge chairs in the beach area. Most of the people that were there was because of the water sports. So if you’d like lounging, the pool is a better fit for you.

Water Activities: Kayaking, Snorkeling and Hobie Cat Sailing are complimentary!
I liked kayaking. The first time I tried it was in Negros and the air was so strong, we would be moving without paddling. This was my 2nd time to kayak. Tin and I wanted to kayak together but the instructors informed us we couldn’t – we could only partner with an instructor. That decision proved fantastic since the waves were rather strong. I don’t think I would have been able to kayak that long and far without a professional with me, it definitely made kayaking easier! Haha

Berenice was our activities queen. She tried Hobie Cat Sailing and snorkeling too! I wanted to snorkel as well but I didn’t have my rash guard and I had a baaaad burn already. I didn’t want to risk getting burned more. Berenice was able to see a lot of fishes and had a great time.

Don’t believe me when I say I got burned? I really was! So always use sunblock everyone!

More Water Activities: Windsurfing, Scuba Diving, Jet Skiing, Aqua Scooters and Deep Sea Fishing.
I told yah there were a lot to do here! I wasn’t able to try all these though. haha

Play Golf
The golf course though is in the mainland. I’m not a golfer so this didn’t tempt me. I was able to see photos of Vanessa Matsunaga and Jun Sunga’s wedding which was actually on the golf course! You can see the island at the back.

Like I need to say this, take photos!
Our group jelled together. We all liked taking our time photographing the scenery and food. We never rushed or felt rushed by each other. The resort is really picturesque and if you had great weather, there’s no way you can take bad photos.

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* Additional photos from Mangored and Tin Samson.

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  1. i see, kaya pala natanong mo yung rashguard. mine is a speedo. so far so good. hehe

    im loving this bellaroca series!

    1. hahaha yeah, i have a tendency to burn. i might get a new one soon for summer. haha =)

      yes, bellaroca is <3! or baka nga kasi sanay akong hindi 5 star. haha


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