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Thursday, June 09, 2011

* Originally published on February 18, 2010 -

I’ve been asked by people WHY did I buy that expensive pair of slippers?? The Havs craze was too expensive for some already and now these FitFlops?? I am a believer and you can read about it in the article below.

Why did I tag this as travel related? Give your feet a treat and use these babies while traveling, family and friends have sworn off tired legs and feet because of FitFlops! To date, around 6 pairs of FitFlops have found homes because of my suggestion. Hehehe =)

The promise of “getting a workout while you walk” is a good marketing ploy. Once you take the bait, is it as delicious as you imagined it to be?

Going to the gym is a luxury most hectic women don’t have. Marcia Kilgore wanted to create something that would help women like her thus giving birth to FitFlops. According to their website, “FitFlop footwear is biomechanically engineered to help tone and tighten your leg muscles while you walk in them.” Thanks to their patented micro-wobbleboardTM technology located in the midsole. This brand promises to increase muscle activation in the butt, hamstring and legs making them more toned and reduce back stress, knee joint stress and foot pressure concentration. It also imitates the natural tendency of barefoot walking but better thanks to the midsole.

The brand started with slippers donned in bright, neutral and pastel colors adding more shades as the years went by. I didn’t want a pair that was too casual so I opted for the Electra – fabulous, flashy and sequin-filled. It’s casual enough for shorts, skirts and dresses with the potential to transition to gimik night footwear. Brace yourself to spend at least P2990 (Walkstar, Oasis) and as much as P3490 (Electra). They recently added more styles to their roster with the inclusion of embellished pairs (Pietra, P3490), gladiator inspired sandals (Roma, P4490) and boots.
FitFlops may look bulky but they were surprisingly light. Be warned to take things gently at first. FitFlops recommend using these babies in moderation to give your body time get accustomed to them. When I first wore the Electra I could feel the burn in my legs; it felt like a workout. I progressively adjusted my usage and could feel my body getting used to the burn.

Did they make my tush and legs toner? I’m not sure; I don’t have before and after photos of myself. I try to exercise as well so if ever there are changes in my body, it can be attributed to that too. I didn’t buy FitFlops for the workout promise; if it did tone my body then that’s just a bonus. So why in the world did I get these expensive slippers? Simply because of comfort, I’ve crossed the line of going for comfort over beauty. I wore my Fitflops for a whole day and didn’t feel pain. During my next outing, I wore a different brand of slippers and I felt the difference -- my feet ached and felt the lack of support.

Though FitFlops were designed for toning, it has helped alleviate plantar fasciitis, chronic back pains, sciatica and RLS (restless leg syndrome). It’s easy to have doubts about the glowing reviews on their website but I’ve put a face to one review. My cousin who was baking non-stop during the Christmas season owned a pair. Usually at around 1 PM her back would act up and be problematic the rest of the day but when she used her Fitflops, she didn’t have a problem at all.

The price may seem daunting but can you put a price on a device that can help your body feel better? Invest on a pair of FitFlops if you want comfort and heaven in your life. If you end up trimming those buns, thighs and legs in the process then that’s just the cherry on top.

* Photos from Owee Salva and the FitFlop website.

Get a pair of FitFlops from:

Level R-1, Powerplant Mall
Robinson's Place, Midtown Wing
Rustan's Shangri-La
Shoe Salon
Juego (Greenbelt 4)
Bikram Yoga (Makati)
The Travel Club (Rockwell and ATC)
Felcis (Davao)
Mian's Closet (Ilo-ilo)
Bettina's Boutique (Cagayan de Oro)
Signature Brands Lifestyle (Subic)
City Beach Lifestyle (Subic)
JSM Boutique (CDO)
Four of a Kind (Butuan)

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  1. Uhm, I saw this post somewhere too before so 7 na yong bumili because of your pimpin haha. Oh I bought 1 more for my mom too so 8 na:-D

  2. Wihihihihihi Yay! =) Sana may commission...pero wala. Hahaha I dont think I've seen you in your FitFlops yet! How does your mom like em?? =)

  3. Uhmmm, pina pambahay ko nga lang coz na-o-awkward pa ako sa chunkiness haha. SHe likes it coz I got her the one with sequins hehe.

  4. You should have gotten the sparkly ones too like us! =p Pero ang shushal ng pambahay slippers mo!


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