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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions and compliments when I whip out Jj my laptop. They like my skin, laptop sleeve or my bag. Why not share it here too?

Laptop Skin
Getting a skin for Jj was all about protection. I don’t want Jj getting all scratched up like a fight in a women’s jail. I wanted a skin that was not that common and reflected my interests. I’ve been a fan of PunchDrunkPanda’s work but never had a chance to buy anything from them. Initially, I wanted the Papilio skin but the online photo was different from the actual product. The Lomo Love skin was the closest design to my love for photography and travel even though I don’t own a Lomo camera.
* Original Price P595 but they’re one sale! Get their laptop skins for P493.85

Laptop Sleeve
I got Jj in April 2010. Since I was going to Vietnam in June, I decided to wait for the trip to buy a laptop bag there (hello home of cheap North Face bags!). What will protect my precious Jj then??? The search went on but I fell in love and forced my parents to head to Rockwell to buy THE ONE.

Hello Luckies Undercover Sleeve! The outside is water repellent while the inside is padded with a lush shade of red. Notice the huge Velcro on the back? That means your 8 inch net book or 15 inch laptop can fit inside! I love my brown envelope looking sleeve. If someone mails this “envelope”, ima kill them. Haha

Laptop Bag
I had a specific style in mind when I went to Vietnam to be Jj’s new home. Luckily, that style was only 1of the 4 styles this seller had that was original. The Borealis just looks like a normal backpack and doesn’t scream I-have-something-expensive inside!

I haven’t added anything to Jj’s arsenal and I shouldn’t! Haha

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