Emo in the house: Adele’s 21

Saturday, June 25, 2011

While writing the Cuisinier Brasserie post, I was listening to Adele's 21. My golly! Talk about emotions.

Let me explain first. My interest in the album was piqued when I heard "Someone Like You". The lyrics and melody drew me in so I got a copy of the whole album.

Listen to Adele’s introduction, sakto!
“There’s nothing quite like the feeling when you’re listening to a song written by someone you don’t know, who you’ve never met who’ve somehow managed to describe exactly how you felt at a particular moment in your life……If you’ve ever had a broken heart, you’re about to remember it now.”

Here, she explains the story behind the song and the album.

While she was making 21, Adele and her boyfriend who she thought she would marry broke up. He got engaged to someone else shortly after that breakup.

And by golly, you can feel every emotion in the album even if you can't relate.

2 more *tugsh* songs

I'm glad I wasn't able to hear this album when I was going through a breakup. If you're going through one, I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND listening to this album. Your eyes will puff up like bad hair in humid weather. Steer clear!

Oddly enough, 21 pulled me in more than her first album 19 despite the heart wrenching lyrics. I loved the power of the second album more. I found myself listening to her stirring poetic lyrics more in 21. Just make sure you’re in the right mind set when listening to the album or else it will take you to a dark place. Teehee

I hope Adele writes happy songs in her next album, I wonder if I'll like it as much as 21?

* Photos from Adele's website.

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