Cuisinier Brasserie

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Talk about a delayed post! Mwahahahaha My parents celebrated their wedding anniversary at Cuisinier Brasserie last February. No, I can’t remember how to pronounce the name.

During our visit, there was only another table so we had the place to ourselves. The ambiance is comfy with a hint of luxe. Situated along Timog Avenue, this restaurant felt like a sleeping giant – quiet but monstrous in taste. 85% of what we ordered was fantastic.

Misticanza (P475)
Mixed greens with Foie Gras, scallops and Smoked Salmon served with apple and figs compote.

An interesting mix of ingredients prove to pack a mighty punch.

Smoked Salmon and Capers (P340)
Tasty and heavy at the same time.

Pizza Bella (P520)
Parma Ham, Arugula and Truffle Oil

Paella Valencia (P400)
Traditional Spanish rice dish served al dente, with chicken, pork, sausage and vegetables.

Osso Buco (P580)
Beef shank stewed to perfection served with risotto parmigiana.

I don’t really love Osso Buco but I loved the risotto it came with.

Cotelettes D’ Agneau (P570)
Grilled lack of lamb served with poivrade sauce and tian of vegetables.

I don’t like lamb but the consensus at the table was it was fantastique!

Tiramisu (P190)
Uhm this one was average.

Gateaux Le Cuisinier (P160)
Specialty cake of Cuisinier.

My gooood….TO….DIE…FOR! I loved the contrasts of the sweet and fudgy chocolate cake with the espresso on the side.

Cuisinier Brasserie
102 Timog Avneue, 1100 Quezon City

02-426587; 0917-8282433

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