Milk Tea overload this week!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My friends and family know I'm a tea and milk tea lover. I've been craving for some milk tea and unconsciously, I hit 4 different places all in a week. Haha

I started the week at Happy Lemon. It was my fourth visit and there is still so much more that I want to try. My fave continues to be the Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese but I decided to try something else - The Yakult Green Tea (Large P85). It was refreshing and the Yakult-addict in me approves!

I like their drinks but the place is always packed and doesn't give a conducive ambiance for hanging out.

My cousin and fellow milk tea lover Mitor and I took a risk and went to Chatime at 11 PM hoping it was open. It wasn't. Haha We ended up going to Bubble Tea along Wilson Street in San Juan instead. I tried the Yocca Green Tea (Regular P85) which is their version of Yakult Green Tea. Happy Lemon VS Bubble Tea, and the winning Yakult Green Tea goes to Happy Lemon.

This branch gives the perfect vibe for hanging out. They also have an extensive menu making Bubble Tea more than just a tea place.

I’m surrounded by fellow milk tea lovers! Met up with Danix and had lunch at Lola Maria’s at Legend Villas. After lunch, we headed to newly opened Chatime in Pioneer Centre along Pioneer Street.

I had a difficult time choosing a drink so I settled for the Chatime Milk Tea (Regular P75). It reminded me of Singapore’s Tea Tarik but sweeter – I was definitely happy. Danix ordered the Taro Milk Tea (Regular P80) and we were both caught off guard; it has taro puree. Danix liked it but it wasn’t my cup of tea.

Chatime is very new, opened just last week and the blog world is buzzing. Their menu is extensive, ensuring more trips to try their drinks, and has cozy interiors. It gets additional points for being pretty near my home. I plan to come back for more.

Enjoy the promo while you can!


My family and I had errands to do and we ended up at Shopwise, hungry. We settled for Yang Chow and I end up getting the Chinese Milk Tea (P50). Mwahahaha We liked the food and their milk tea was good enough for my standards.

My fave milk tea/places will always be:
1. Thai Milk Tea
2. Serenitea
3. Happy Lemon
4. ChaTime
5. Bubble Tea

Happy Lemon
GF Promenade Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan

Bubble Tea Restaurant
Wilson Street, San Juan

Pioneer Centre, Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong

Yang Chow Tea House
GF Shopwise Center, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., QC

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