Bathrooms me likey

Monday, April 18, 2011

I've been feeling pretty mechanical lately and have this self imposed pressure to make my blog more readable. It's a stupid thought, I know. I had to remind myself this is my space and can post whatever I want in it - useful or fluff.

Been doing a lot of house talk with Owee so that explains this post. I've been feeling uninspired so I went through my archives for visuals that made me giddy.

Can you say, so-shal?? Hehe

Based on the color alone, I'm in love. The vintage feel of the sink and tub is awesome. Actually, that's the tub style I really want if ever I get a chance to have one.

Isn't it adorable? Shelves with frames!

It's industrial and the colors pop! This is a bathroom that a guy and a girl can love. The brick detail gives it additional brownie points.

Just looking at it has a calming feel, what more being in it?

I don't ever imagine myself having a bathroom like this! Haha It's too much.

* Unfortunately I don't remember where exactly I got these photos with all the sites I visit. I'm sorry If I won't be able to credit your photo/house/design properly. If ever you come across this post, comment if I used anything that is yours.

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