Buy 6, Get 6 from Gonuts

Sunday, April 03, 2011

My sister and I were in Megamall for errands, one of which was to buy dinner. We ordered take out from Jatujak (love love!) and while we waiting, I asked her to walk with me. I've been craving donuts for days now and Gonuts and Mister Donut were just near. We floated on to Gonuts first and was excited by what we saw.

*** Update, Gonuts has since moved to the Lower Ground Level Bridgeway of Megamall.

Wwwwiiiihhhh!!! Buy 6 and Take 6 for free! Take home a dozen donuts for P180 (each donut is P30 and with the promo, it comes out to only P15).

We were good luck charms, we entered Gonuts empty and after I ordered, more people came in. We asked the staff every when the promo was but they were unsure. One staffer said every weekend but the promo was only til yesterday while the other said the promo pops in and out. Go figure! We went home with 4 boxes. Haha

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