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Thursday, March 17, 2011

* Originally published on October 13, 2008 -

Being good to your body comes in several ways and need not mean shelling out thousands every time. Want a break from greasy fast food or super rich meals? When you're in the mood for dishes that are healthy, Halo Store and Cafe is a good alternative.

Tucked away in the artist-filled community of Cubao Expo (formerly Marikina Shoe Expo) is a quaint eatery deserving of your attention. Halo Store and Cafe is the brainchild of two UAP graduates with the purpose of providing regular people with healthy products. "Our main activity that time was the selling of sugar free chocolates and the organic sweetener made out of coconut sap. This was mainly inspired by the fact that both our dads suffer from diabetes." shares Halmen Valdez, 1/2 of Halo Store and Cafe.

The field trip to Cubao with my best friends (which isn't exactly our normal gimik area) was centered on lunching here. You can describe me as a carnivore as I hardly eat any vegetables except lettuce and tomato. An invite to a place like this comes as a surprise to people close to me. Halo's interiors are very homey which immediately translates to comfort and is a mish-mash of different elements. We fell in love with the orange wall and took the opportunity to have a mini-photo shoot while waiting for our orders.

Drinks range from P20 - P40 and that includes their shakes. Relish in the iced tea that's energizing and not at all sugar laced. Be a bit naughty and dive into their version of Gataka (Gatas, Tanduay at Kape) which during our visit tasted more like a coffee shake than an alcoholic drink but it was still great nonetheless. Frankly at P40, Gataka was worth it. If being naughty isn't in your cup of tea, try their bestseller the Taragon Shake.

Expect your favorite Filipino dishes with a healthy twist. As Halmen mentioned, Halo Store and Cafe's inspiration is drawn from the vegetables from the Bahay Kubo Song.

We ordered the Sardines Pasta as well as other crowd pleasers: the Malunggay Pasta and the Vegetarian Burger. The Malunggay Pasta is Halo's answer to Pesto. I would have wanted a bit more of a kick with the taste of this dish. Your palette will be happier when the Sardines Pasta touches your mouth. Fans of Sardines will approve of this pasta. Hands down my favorite would go to the Vegetarian Burger. There was an explosion of taste when I bit into the burger. It gives truth to the statement small but terrible. This burger was tastier than most burgers found in fast food joints. The kick that the Malunggay Pasta lacked was compensated by the burger. I plan to visit Halo again and again for the merit of this burger alone. Visit their website for a complete list of their menu. They have full meals, organic desserts, tea, organic sweetener and so much more. With an open mind and an open stomach, Halo is the place to be when in the mood for trying something new.

Halo Store and Cafe
Unit 11 Cubao Expo, Araneta Center Cubao QC

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