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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sorry I’ve been quiet, was out of town last week for work. Now, I’m back! =)

Lomo photo from my cousin, Nix

Even when I was younger, I REALLY wanted a Polaroid camera. The only Polaroid camera I got was the Polaroid I-zone. I will admit I don't know where my prints are and I didn't utilize is as much as I should. I found out about Lomography in 2003 or 2004 and desperately wanted to get one. I've resisted the urge to get one because it just means more expenses! Haha I don't want to get hooked. Also, I'm an over-packer! I have an SLR camera and used to have an underwater camera then I'd add another camera? Ha-la! Haha So yes, I've resisted the urge until now.

I was one of the people who mourned the death of Polaroid's instant cameras. Well, analog is now back and so is the instant cameraaaaa! Hello Fuji instant cameraaaaas!

Okay, buying a camera (lomo or an instant camera) still goes against the over-packer in me. So……..I’m making a deal with myself. I will only buy (or ask to be GIFTED) an instant camera when I get the PERFECT camera bag (Yes, I’m still searching for my camera bag. I still don’t feel right coughing up so much dough for the Epiphanie Bags.)

I hate (well, love) Photojojo! All their products are photography or camera related and I’ve drooled over a lot of things from here. They recently added the Fuji cameras and it made me want an instant camera more. Ggggrrrr…..

Fuji Instax Wide Instant Camera $80-99 (Approximately P3,600 – 4,455)
It’s exactly like the Polaroid! Wiiiiihhhhhh!!!! I just wonder how available the film is here in the Philippines.

The Fuji Instax Mini 7s Instant Camera $90-99 (Approximately P4,050 – 4,455)
This is a smaller version of the Fuji Instax Wide Instant Camera but priced the same. The prints are as big as a credit card. So now the battle begins, do I like the Instax Wide or the Instax mini? Haha

Here are other cameras that I don’t necessarily lust for but find utterly adorable!

The Juice Box Camera $25 (Approximately P1,125)
It's a 35mm camera all dolled up in a juice! Cuuuuute! The straw is actually the shutter. Mwahahaha According to Photojojo, it gives a “lo-fi look” and the prints have vignettes.

The Pocket Square Digital Camera $100 (Approximately P4,500)
The tiny, tiny camera as actually digital! Get the best of both worlds with the photos looking like they came from an analog camera but saving like a digital one. Besides the 6x6 inch prints, you can also take videos with it. It has 3 modes and comes with 3 filters as well. It uses a mico-SD and saves in jpg and avi formats. A camera which packs a mean punch! Hhhhmmm…makes me rethink if I should lust over this too?

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  1. I LOVE Instax!

    I have the mini and it's pretty easy to find films. They're everywhere here. Team Manila sells them, as well as Fully Booked. They're a bit more pricey than if you get them directly from YKL, I think. I bought mine from Angie.

    Also, Izzoshop came out with a bag specifically for it. She asked me to get her one from Angie as well. :)

  2. OH are an enabler like me!!! mwahahahaha this is bad....sinagot na ang tanong ko kung madali maghanap ng film. patay. mwehehehe

    kailangan iprioritize ang gastos...mwahahahaha

    oh, where did you end up buying your cam? =p

    ok, paging friends and family. sabihan nyo na ako kung gusto nyong bigay nga sakin yung first 2 cameras for my bday. sige gusto nyo ipair na rin with xmas. mwahahahaha

  3. btw, i cant seem to comment on your blog. haha

  4. Hahaha I got mine from Angie nga. I buy the films from him as well, pero sabi niya meron din daw YKL sa Megamall. The mini is not so expensive, btw. I just don't know if they still have the same one that I got. Go go go na! LOL Demonyita.

    Which blog? You're supposed to be able to comment on my wordpress entries, pero sa tumblr, hindi nga ata pwede unless you have an account. Jerk e no.

  5. aaahhh akala ko yung film yung galing kay angie. mwehehehe ENABLER!!! HAHA

    Doon sa tumblr ako hindi pala makacomment. =)


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