Cuter than cute nail cutters

Monday, February 07, 2011

My friend Danix and I headed to Quaipo today for my first photo walk of the year! We usually pass through the Isetan department store to avoid the ruckus below. It was 9:25 AM and the connection between the Carriedo station and Isetan was closed. 2 minutes later, they open the doors and we were the first ones inside.

Feeling guilty that we were just passing through, we looked around and saw something that made us giggle....

Nail-cutters for P9-P10 at Isetan Department store! A-duh-rable right??? I think Danix got 3 or 4 designs to share with friends. What a nice way to start the walk. Wiiihhhh!!!

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  1. is this emgee or kimbee? aaawwww i didnt buy sorry! =( no matter how cute it was, i was controlling my shopping urges. hahaha trying (operative word is trying) to behave.....


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