E-Jeepney Ortigas Route

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm an Ortigas rat and was surprised to see the "route marker" near Malayan Tower. How fantastic is it to have the e-jeepney in Ortigas? Yay! A new jeepney route and it's an e-jeepney to boot! O-ha! Winner! I didn't see the actual jeepney though nor have I tried it yet.

I for one like walking around Ortigas so I'm not sure if I'll be taking this jeep. If the route took me to Shang, I would love to take that jeep!

A more environmental mode of transportation = awesome! =)

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  1. Glad to see we've seen the same signposts a day apart! Although, it's only this month that they're implementing it. (See here from my blog) :)

  2. cool! thanks, i read your blog. it's very nice to know that the e-jeepney is running already! did i read it right, it's for free?

  3. ^ YEP! It IS for free, so far that is! ;D I dunno if it's gonna be that way similar to The Fort's e-tricycles (or whatever they're called), but while it is, I think we should try it. Thing is, you'd need a lot of good timing and luck to be able to ride it =p


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