Vietnam Part 5: More thoughts

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Miu Ne
Danix and I really wanted to go to Miu Ne, AS IN. It took a couple of conversations and rational thinking to actually let go of that want. We don’t regret not going because it only meant one thing; we had a reason to go back. Not convinced about Miu Ne’s beauty even with the photo above from Kim and Mj? You’ll change your mind when you see and read their adventures here.

What to skip:

Temple Bar
The interiors are great with a level-up feel however service was snotty and the food wasn’t that fabulous. Quan An Ngon served superior food and was cheaper.

Saigon Kitcsh and Gaya
I was excited to visit these stores because of the good reviews online. They’re like one of those expensive stores in Rockwell or Rustans and I didn’t love LOVE the items inside. I guess I just wasn’t the target market for these stores; I was looking for more affordable items.

Lipton Pure Green
I regret ordering this because it tasted like stationary mixed with my Lola’s perfume.You’ll read the following a lot when you read reviews about Vietnam because they are true:
- English isn’t their 2nd language like us; expect to use body language, visual, drawings and maps to communicate.
- Cross the street with conviction or you’ll get run over. Commit to crossing.
- There are a lot of rude vendors at Ben Thanh Market, they’ll be nice to you when they call for your attention but the moment you look away they get nasty. Haha
When you know what to expect, you’ll have a more pleasant visit and longer patience.
- We were fine using Vinasun and Mai Linh, don’t worry there are a lot of them trolling around.
The easiest way to remember things is to write them down. I also got a couple of calling cards for easier notes.

Thanks to the following sites that were helpful during the research process pre-trip: New York Times Review, Nina of Gallery of Finds and Virtourist.

The rest of my Vietnam posts are here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4. Looking for a place to stay in HCMC? Check out this link.

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  1. hey hey hey...thanks for the link...glad i didn't try the tea... lets go back together!

  2. yes...must go back together. kayo mag cuchi and cai be kami miu ne tapos lets meet up after and do other things like go north! haha

  3. sama kami mui ne... haven't seen the cham tower pa eh...

  4. nakaka excite! let's plan na when to go TOGETHER! hahaha! thanks for the link, umiistariray naman kami dito=))

  5. hahaha ok ngayon alam kong pag si MJ, "mj" talaga nakalagay. ahihihi =)

    parang mainstays na kayo sa mentions dito sa blog ko. ganyan pag parepareho tayong kaladkarin. hahaha

    lets lets! sinabihan ko na nga si danix (yung friend ko) na nag aaya kayo. libre mangarap! ang pag book at schedule lang ang hindi...hahaha


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