Christmas Give List: Rebonding + getting HUGE discounts

Monday, December 13, 2010

I've had my hair rebonded in the past but I can't do it now because my stylist said so. Haha She wants to rest my hair. For those who would want to, check out Cash Cash Pinoy's coupun for today giving you 86% for rebonding at Salon de San Lorenzo in Makati. Pay P999 instead of P7200. This offer is only good today so research about the salon or inquire first before purchasing.

I've been reading about Groupuns for a couple of months but only signed up today thanks to my friend Tin. The bargain hunter in me gravitated towards these type of sites and welcome them. I haven't heard anything bad about Cash Cash so I'm welcoming it with open arms. This is the 2nd groupun site I joined, I'll blog about the first one after I make my purchase and experience it. =)

Here are examples of past offers:

I'm sharing the love and if you'd like to register, please click here. It's important to register through my link because they give members points for successful referrals! =) If you like what you read here, just sign up. =) Don't worry, signing up is for FREE. Also, it's not a pyramid scam wherein when you purchase more or refer more people I get points. Haha It's nothing like that, it's just a one time referral fee when the invited ones sign up - that's it, nothing dubious about that.

You're all invited to joooooooin! Go for it!

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  1. haha ang dami ko na nabiling coupons sa Cash Cash Pinoy! It's the bestttt! :) Try too! Same guy behind :)

  2. Of course you're already registered! =) Ang bag ass mo talaga magshop at maghanap din ng finds! What's the best coupon/deal you bought? =)


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