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Monday, December 20, 2010

When visiting a city or area, most people would troop to restaurants that are unique to that area. One branch establishments aren’t common in Ortigas so Café 1771 and the Wine Bar is a wonderful addition to the scene.

Chateau 1771 and the Old Sidebar used to be in this spot. The interiors of Café 1771 have no resemblance to the previous restaurant’s design philosophy. It is airy, homey with an I-could-fall-in-love-with-this-restaurant vibe. If you’d like to have a proper lunch (read, not rushed), the café’s atmosphere is perfect for you. The servers are courteous and well versed in the menu. I’ve been here for lunch and dinner and the beauty of the café radiates during the day. I actually forgot I was in Ortigas during that lunch.

On paper, the food all seemed incredible. On my first visit, we tried the Melt in-your Mouth Grilled Cheese Sandwich (P250) and it didn’t disappoint. It DID melt in my mouth.

We also got the Spaghetti with Sardines and Fried Capers (P290). Our mistake was getting 2 dry dishes which would have gone down better with a saucier dish.

Hands down this round went to the grilled cheese sandwich.

On my second visit Tin and I got 1 dish each. Her Lemon Chicken (P390) was too sweet. My pasta (who’s name I forgot and couldn’t find online) on the other hand was average. This round would have to go to the dessert, the Chocolate Mint Torte (P225). It was rich and delicious but overwhelming at the same time. It was huge! I just wished the proportion was smaller.

One of the reasons why we wanted to try Café 1771 was because of the free WiFi and unfortunately it was down during our visit. I must commend their staff because when the waiter saw I had my laptop, he asked if I wanted a foldable table for it and it made lunch so much easier.

For the price and quality of the food, I find Café 1771 expensive. I expected more with those prices. Service and the beautiful ambiance are the saving grace of this place, if only the food could be up to par with them.

Additional Photos from:

Café 1771
El Pueblo, Ortigas Center, Julia Vargas cor. ADB Ave., Pasig

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