Christmas Give List: Mugshots

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A bottle of Mugshots, egg, milk, a mug and a microwave are the ingredients to make a cupcake - no baking, no laborious hours in the kitchen, just 2 minutes. Doesn’t it bring back memories of the Easy Bake Oven?

The piled up ingredients in one nifty bottle caught my attention and I’ve wanted to give these away for the past 2 Christmases. Mugshots come in 6 flavors and have packages for Christmas.

Mugshot (P90)

Solo Pack - a bottle of Mugshots and a coffee mug (P140)

Gift Pack - 4 bottles of Mugshots and a coffee mug (P390)

I wanted festive microwaveable mugs instead of the plain ones Mugshots had to offer so I asked blog suki, Shoppersville.

Mugs from Shoppersville (P25.25)

This one is my fave, reindeer mugs (P29)

More mugs (P34.25)

Adorable snowman mug (P63)

Mugshots are a novel gift that kids would be fascinated with and adults eager to try.

Again, I will shop vicariously through others. Leave me a message if you purchase any of my suggestion please. =)

Photos from:
Tin Samson



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