Christmas Give List: Random Stuff

Friday, December 24, 2010

This is my last post this year for the Christmas Give List. Are you still shopping today? That's some-kinda cutting it close! Amazing Race of shopping much? Haha here are a couple of random things that didn't make the previous lists.

Want just your initials or want to spell out something? Get these letters you can hang in your home or office from Simple Joys. You can even put a photo in it. (P150 each)

Too many cards crowding your wallet? Get this retro inspired card holder from Dimensione. I'm biased, I like cassette tape items. (P88)

Funny "medals" from Fully Booked. (P495)

Wall mountable plates of your favorite icons from Fully Booked. (P150)

Something funny to end the Give List series of 2010! There is no such thing as a "No Fart Zone" area! Hahaha

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