Spend VS Save: Accessories

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Another unplanned blog post that just materialized! I picked some accessories for the Christmas Give List series and realized that there were similar to some higher end pieces available online. Here are my picks for spend VS save items or simply “inspired by” accessories.

Spend: J Crew Isis Bangle $78 (Approximately P3,432)

Save: SM Bangles P199.75

Spend: Stephen Webster Marquis Ring $325 (Approximately P14,300)

Spend/Save? Haha: Juicy Couture Grey Labradorite Ring $88 (Approximately P3,872)

Save: WWW Ring P149.75 from SM Department Store

Spend: Adia Kibur Pearl & Gunmetal Chain Wrapped Necklace $58 (Approximately P2,552)

Save: SM Necklace P349.75

Spend: Kate Spade crystal dome ring $125 (Approximately P5,500)

Save: SM Ring P199.75

Spend: J Crew Jewel stud double-wrap bracelet $29.50 (Approximately P1,298)

Save: Shoppersville Black Wrap Around Bracelet with Crystals P117

Again, I will shop vicariously through others. Leave me a message if you purchase any of my suggestion please. =)

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