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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I attribute my cyber window shopping and resurrection of my camera bag hunting to 2 people, Kabbie and Sasha. I still haven’t found THE bag though that doesn’t stop me from browsing. Haha I did see some that some bags that other people might like and some that I will never buy because they’re astronomically beyond my budget (these bags I’ve compiled to be part of a series of posts.). It’s free to gawk at them though.

The Criteria:

1. Must fit my camera and my essentials for travelling.

2. I hope it doesn’t look like a typical camera bag.
3. Price.
Bonus points for weather proof-ness or at least can take on water/rain. I don’t even think about weight management anymore because will all my crap, it will automatically be heavy. Haha

Camera Biggie P695
As of now, this is the nearest contender IF the soon-to-be-released designs are drool worthy. It scores well in numbers 1 and especially 3 but rather low in number 2. It gets additional points for being locally made but this bag STILL looks like a camera bag.

Camera Slingy P395
I’ll never buy this one because I have too much stuff in my bag. Haha It simply won’t fit here. For those who pack minimally, this is a good bag that scores high in numbers 2 and 3.

Camera Purse P350
Same comment as Camera Slingy. Minus points for the bag not having dividers; I’m OC – I don’t like my electronics scratching next to each other.

Walkabout Tote Bag $98 (Approximately P4,312)
I saw this bag in the NatGeo store in Singapore last year. I drooled over the different types of bags the store I had. At that time I thought spending this much for a camera bag was way tooooo much. However compared to the other ones I’ve seen, this may seem not that bad.

Missy $94 (Approximately P4,136)
This little seems like the most affordable one I’ve seen in the poses-as-a-handbag-but-is-a-camera-bag department.
I’ll be posting more of those bags (which gave me a drool worthy heart attack) in the next couple of days. =)

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