Cam Bag Hunting Part 3: Kelly Moore

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

As I previously mentioned, I’m still on the look out for the camera bag that fit my needs.
The Criteria:
1. Must fit my camera and my essentials for travelling.
2. I hope it doesn’t look like a typical camera bag.
3. Price.
Bonus points for weather proof-ness or at least can take on water/rain. I don’t even think about weight management anymore because will all my crap, it will automatically be heavy. Haha

I saw a lot of international brands that I can’t afford but I still fell in love with them. They’re camera bags that look like handbags on the outside but secretly a camera bag inside. Aaaaahhhh!!! Quality comes with a price tag and these brands come with a high one.

Presenting, the astronomically beyond my reach camera bags. Haha Unsurprisingly, a lot of these brands came from photographers.

I’m starting with the bags by Kelly Moore. A funny tidbit about the designer; her real name is Kelly Moore-Clark and she’s married to Mr. Kelly Clark. What are the odds of that happening??? A professional photographer for 12 years, the bag line started only 3 years ago. She felt a need for stylish camera bags and decided to fill that void.

“I wanted to encourage the photographers out there and give them a bag where they can change a lens at a moment's notice without feeling the pressure of having the client wait. Trust me...I've been there. I want you to feel the freedom of focusing on your craft and also give you more options. I wanted to give my clients "moore". My mission is for you to walk away having more function, more style and of course more fun!”
I imagine these bags being enjoyed by women with a knack for simple and traditional bags.

B-Hobo Bag in Mustard $159 (Approximately P6,969)
The B-Hobo bag comes in several colors. I’m just not sure if it can fit all my stuff. Hahaha More colors available.

Classic Bag $199 (Approximately P8,756)
This one is immensely pretty as a purse and more so as a camera bag. It comes with 3 padded, removable, adjustable velcro dividers which total 4 sections inside. More colors available.
Posey Bag $159 (Approximately P6,969)
A bag for the younger set, the Posey Bag adds a twist to normal bags and can be used in 3 ways. More colors available.

Juju Bag $249 (Approximately P10,996)
I think this is the only bag that can fit all my junk comfortably AND it's water resistant. Booyah! More colors available.

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