Christmas Give List: CBTL Treats

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This one is for the tea and chocolate lovers out there!

When I crave for hot drinks, I go for Coffee Bean’s fabulous tea lattes! I just love the Moroccan Mint and African Sunset Tea Lattes. For cold drinks, I would normally pick Seattle’s Best’s Javanilla or Double Chocolate Mint Javakula which also happens to be our family’s pick. This is making me miss SBC immensely…too bad they no longer have a branch on our street.

Anyway, the point of this post! Haha You can bring home and give the famous CBTL warmth this Christmas with their gift packs. You’re sure that they’ll be delicious since they’re part of the CBTL brand.

Yummy Hot Cocoa P599

Cocoa overload P999

Tea Trio P599

Tea Quartet P699

Tea Latte Treat P999

Curl up and cuddle with these treats during the cold December nights! Are you dreaming of CBTL drinks tonight?

Again, I will shop vicariously through others. Leave me a message if you purchase any of my suggestion please. =)

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