Cyberwindow Shopping: Cole Vintage's Latest

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Christmas shopping means 2 things, buying gifts for your loved ones and buying your Christmas outfits. Haha This particular post falls under the latter.

I've been a fan of local brand Cole Vintage and have a couple of their pieces. Thank god they have a stall in Markati Palazzo in Podium! They recently uploaded photos of their Holiday collection and I...semi...kinda...sorta...want. Haha

I wish they chose a better photo or angle for this dress. The obviously slim model looks like she has a tummy because of the cut and ruching of the dress. I'm sure she doesn't have a tummy and this dress in unflattering on her.

The top seems promising; just wish I could see the front of it.

I've wanted nude shoes and the Verona might do the trick. I'd have to see this in person before buying of course. I hope its 3 inches and not patent. The Orchid dress would look hot on a morena girl for sure, mestizas would get washed out.

The Ginger dress is refreshingly young, uncomplicated and flattering. I'm not sure it's something I'd pick for myself off hand but I think I may change my tune when I try it on.

I have a black and red work bag...but I don't have a blue one yet! Eeeepp... The Celio looks preeeetttyyyy.....Eeeeppp....

I like the Dandelion dress - it's flirty, you can eat in it and seems comfy. I just don't know if it will look as good on my body type. Plus, the color will wash me out yet again. Haha The bulk of Roma sandals oddly enough draws me in. A potential purchase since I've been looking for black heels for the loooongest time as well. This time, it's a need not a want. Haha

* All photos from Cole Vintage.

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