Beauty and Butter

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My partial OC-ness manifests in this "department". We have a regular manicurista who does home service and she's freaking great! She's been with us since I was 14? She has light hands and can lessen the pain in most nail related situations. I’ve never been tempted by the numerous nail spas or home service spas since I’m very happy with our set-up at home.

I usually just go for cleaning and a foot spa; I use nail polish once in awhile. It’s such a work hazard! With studio tapings and especially location shoots, painted nails don’t last that long on me. Haha When I was still in college it was easier to slab it on. I was known for my black or blue nails, it was even part of my write-up. Haha My staple colors slightly expanded to include DLSU green and purple.

Our favorite manicurista is on maternity leave now so I’m missing her. I squeezed in a mani-pedi since I really needed to get one. I decided to try Beauty and Butter in Megamall. I liked the interiors and ambiance of the place plus it was getting good reviews online. The package costs P350 for cleaning and nail polish for your hands and feet.

I was satisfied with the price. As per service and ambiance, they’re okay in my book. I was relaxed and didn’t feel irritated at all. Haha The girl doing my nails wasn’t as meticulous and careful as our favorite manicurista but it was still fine.

I was however dissatisfied with the paint job. Just hours after my appointment, I already experienced some chipping. I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. They used their in-house nail polish brand which might have been the reason for the fast chipping? They do have a 3-day chipping policy wherein if it chips, you can go back for a touch up. Who has time to go back and fix that minor detail?

Will I visit Beauty and Butter again? If my go-to girl is still on leave, yes. When she comes back, I’m sticking to her. =)

Beauty and Butter
5/F SM Megamall (Atrium)

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  1. I tried Beauty and Butter before and had the same results. I think its their nail polish, masyadong thick yung consistency. Try LUXE NAIL LOUNGE in Rob Galleria! I'm a loyalist. Even Mitor goes there to get his nails done! Haha! They use OPI, Essie and Orly nail polishes. They even have Chanel but you have to pay extra. Basta I love this place--from ambiance (free wi-fi!) down to their affordable rates! They charge P180 for express pedi and P150 for express mani. Just look for Precy, she's the best! For more deets, you can check their FB page at :)

  2. Gf! You are so awesome as always!!! =) We are so similar on certain levels its freaky sometimes. Haha Thanks for this tip! I will definitely try them in a couple of weeks! =) At..akalain mong si Mitor nagpapaganyan diba! Hehe =)


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