Bangkok’s Quote Bags

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I told Tin recently that I wanted to go back to Bangkok just to shop. I want to revamp my wardrobe. There are many more reasons to visit Thailand and I found another one: Quote Bags.

The shapes of the bags seem quirky yet functional; classic prints in a modern silhouette. It’s a good marriage of creativity and practicality. I just love it! Their bags are expensive but so are our very own Aranaz bags. The 2 brands don’t have the same type of bags but they both exude superior quality.

Leather and Canvas Sea Bag ($78) This was the bag that caught my eye and made me want to learn more about the brand. It just draws you in!

Candy bag 2 way Leather n Canvas ($88) This one reminds me of a Longchamp. The small belt/buckle detail at the bottom was enough to make me smile and add it to my list. Little details can make for big impact.

The Criss-Cross Bag by Quote -- leather n canvas ($88)
I like the design of the Criss Cross Bag but would love to see it in more luxurious fabrics that can transform it into a fabulous evening bag.

Play Bag Leather N Canvas ($88)
I loved this one the most but would love it even more in a different fabric. I envision this to be a fierce work bag if it were leather. Mmmmmm.... =) The ruffle detail can seem trendy but it can swing classic too.

Would I really buy a Quote Bag? I love it from a distance but wouldn’t pay that much for a bag. Hehe Though if someone would give it a gift, I would be giddy....Hihihi

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