I’m loving Stick House

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cake or ice cream? On any given day, I’d pick ice cream hands down. With any good food, the measure of it’s greatness is when I get giddy.

My definition of giddy: a feeling of elation that is paired with a goofy grin, bobbing of the head and random humming.
Stick House joins Sebastian’s and FIC (in the Philippines!) under my roster of blissful ice cream/gelato joints.

First of, its gelato not ice cream; you can clearly feel the difference since it’s denser than ice cream. The flavors are limited but there are a lot of permutations. You can choose:
A. Just the gelato
B. Half and Half (2 gelato flavors in 1)
C. Chocolate dipped
E. With Nuts (choose from almonds, pistachios and hazelnut)
F. Chocolate dipped and with nuts

Gelato Flavors:

I love coffee and hazelnut

The price is pretty steep compared to normal ice cream but it’s worth it. Stick House is something I’d crave from time to time but don’t imagine it turning to a daily habit.

Btw, I saw this sign there. Haha

*** Update, they changed their location.

Stick House
Upper Ground Floor Building A, SM Megamall,
EDSA, Mandaluyong City
(near the activity center of Bldg A, in front of Country Style)

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