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Sunday, August 01, 2010

I’m sick of government agencies/departments that put the face of the president/head in their collateral. If that FACE single handedly made the project happen then fine, I understand. More often that not, it’s not the case; it’s a team effort. I’m sure we share the same sentiments.

I really hated the past MRT cards plastered with faces of our then presidents. I find it a waste of money. After Estrada was ousted, the cards with his face were phased out as well. I’m pretty sure those cards were still very much useable.

The new card I got today wasn’t fabulously designed but it was a presentable in my book since you didn’t see ANY presidential photo. Perhaps it’s cos we recently elected one. I hope they don’t put his face on the card.

You’re off to work and you know you’ll end up in morning rush hour, wouldn’t it be awesome to at least start your day by looking at delishly designed cards?

Stylized version of the flag
It’s on everything else, why not a card for transportation?

I doubt the DOTC will do this since it promotes another department but wouldn’t this look much better? Slab a photo and a website in front, instant promotion.

This is one way that we can promote our food and the DOTC can gain advertisers. Have a dish or product in front with the brand/restaurant information as well.

Designed by Pinoy artists
With teeming talent in the country, what more can we ask for? We have internationally recognized artists who would gamely contribute to a project like this. Wouldn’t you want to see the works of Aj Dimarucot, Weewilldoodle or Team Manila.

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