Tempura Party....extended!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Firstly, thank you to everyone that went to the Dads Saisaki Kamayan Eat All You Can Tempura event last Aug 26.Due to the success and reactions of people, the Dads Saisaki Kamayan family have EXTENDED the promo! =)

Enjoy Eat All You can Tempura until August 31 and all Tuesdays of September! Isn't that an awesome treat for my birthday month??? (Yes, I had to bring it back to me. Haha)

Once more, aaattttttaaaacccckkkkk!!!! =)
Kamayan Saisaki Dads
Megamall 6363785
Manila 5281723/24
Edsa 7228125
Glorietta 8928897/98
West Avenue 4136359/60

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