Shoe Addicts celebrate: PAYLESS MEGAMALL NOW OPEN!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

(Again, pardon the awful photos taken with my camphone. I wasn’t prepared!)

Yes, you’ve heard about the Payless branch in Festival Mall but have you heard about the one in Megamall??

Today, August 27, I was utterly surprised to enter Megamall (my 2nd home, to think it was my 3rd trip to Mega this week) and see this sign: “Payless Shoe Source NOW OPEN”. I didn’t even know they were opening the 2nd branch that fast! I usually get wind of things like this beforehand thus my absolute shock.

The lowdown....I was expecting a Forever 21-esque euphoric first encounter with the store but it was underwhelming. (which when you think about it is a good thing...for my wallet! Haha) Payless is exponentially smaller than Forever 21 and my love the SM Department store thus giving the us less options. I was able to spot a couple of pairs that looked nice but nothing stood out screaming “Buy me Rica, buy me.” (Again, good news for my wallet!) Hahaha Here are a couple of finds from Payless:

Payless Shoe Source
2nd Floor Building A, SM Megamall
(It’s next to Le Donne and across Penguin)

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  1. I borrowed some of your pictures.

    Thank you!


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