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Friday, August 06, 2010

I love Uno (my SLR). He’s been my constant travelling partner since 2006. In the same span, I’ve been searching for THE perfect bag to put him in when I travel. I’ve done 2 methods already.

1. The Belt Bag + the Camera Bag
Most people find belt bags/fanny packs as ridiculous and a fashion crime. I’m not one of them, I like belt bags. I’ve been trying to find one that’s not too touristy/baduy. When we went to KL, I thought this combo was good. The belt bag would hold only the essentials: wallet, phone, comb, tissue. Eventually, I figured this wasn’t such a fab idea especially when I started lugging Pasto (another bag!) around.

i have the blue version, the red one is the front of the bag

2. The Hotdog/Doctor Bag
That’s what I call the shape of the bag. Hahaha Actually, this shape has worked for me even as a work bag.

My definition of “essentials” has multiplied since the KL trip so I needed a bigger bag. With this type of bag, I can fit my essentials plus Uno inside. I’ve used my Lesportsac bag and Kipling bag for the past trips. However even with a bag organizer when I take Uno out, everything that’s left inside starts swimming. I have to reorganize the contents of my bag every time I take Uno out. Also, the Lesportsac one isn’t the easiest bag to match my outfit with because of the print.

Another bad thing about carrying everything in 1 bag is that it gets pretty heavy. Thankfully, Danix (she was with me during my last trip) helped me out and offered to put some of my things in her bag. I told you the essentials have multiplied! (wallet, phones, comb, tissue, dugyut kit *consisting of hand sanitizer, cetaphil, lotion*, sunblock, umbrella, water bottle, lip balm with SPF, shades, small notebook, ballpen)

Could these be possible solutions?

1. Forever 21’s All Around Tote Bag ($32.80)
I fell in love with this bag. It would make for a perfect work bag then after studying it closely, it would actually make for a good travelling bag! The idea only came to me when I held this bag. Instead of the usual bag with 1 zipper, the All Around Tote Bag had 2 zippers = 2 different compartments. I figured 1 compartment for the essentials and 1 compartment for Uno, probably solving my “swimming inside” problem. BUT, the bag was too expensive for a travelling bag at P2100. As much as I loved it, the soft leather-like material wouldn’t be conducive for my lifestyle. The material would be icky on sweaty occasions and it would hurt me to get this one wet when rain unexpectedly pours.

Au revoir my love.

2. The SLR Sloop ($149 approximately P6854)
It doesn’t look like a camera bag outside, but inside it functions as one. It’s padded with divisions which is perfect! The outside material is durable, soft and water resistant. Bye bye swimming of bag contents, my “essentials” won’t ever touch my camera keeping it safe. It’s WWWAAAAYYYY too expensive though!!! Afraid….

What do you suggest?

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  1. Check this out, GF!

    some styles are available in digital hub, greenbelt 5 :)

  2. here's more!

  3. gf!!!!

    gosh thanks for the suggestions! napagoogle tuloy ako at mapapadpad sa greenbelt 5 soon. =)

  4. Hi Rica! It's Sasha. Wala lang, ang tagal na nitong blog entry mo, but you still might be interested:

  5. Sasha Fierce!!! I checked out the site, pwede! Napainquire tuloy ako. Hahaha How did you find out about them? May iba ka pang alam? Eeeeeppp... lumalabas ang pagkahilig ko magshop. Hahaha

  6. Sila lang alam ko e. My friend owns it kasi, that's how I found out about it. lol Actually ka chat ko sha ngayon at sabi nga niya you emailed her na. I'm going to their Makati bazaar on the 20th. :)

  7. Aaaahhh kaya pala! Cute nga ang stuff nila and I plan to write about it here. Hehe =) Thanks Sasha Fierce! =)


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