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Monday, August 16, 2010

Erhm, this won’t be a blog staple. This was purely coincidental! Hahaha

I was a huge fan of Veronica Mars before it was brutally cancelled without a proper ending. For some odd reason I saw parts of myself in the character she portrayed. Since I was a fan of the series, much love was given to its star Kristen Bell as well. The only time I LOVED a character and an actress was when Sarah Michelle Gellar kicked butt as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (yes, that statement alone kicks it old school)

I needed a dress for the wedding of my cousin Mico last July. I was finally able to score a dress at Forever 21 that I was in love with. I’ve saved a couple of photos of Kristen as my make-up or hair peg. When I was going through my files, I was surprised to see a photo of Kristen Bell with a dress similar to the one I bought thus giving birth to the “Get that look” post. Hahaha

Kristen Bell in a strapless sweetheart cut purple dress
I actually saved this photo because of her make-up.

Get this look from Forever 21
Pleats to Meet You Dress ($24.80 approximately P1200) that comes in turquoise, pink and black. I didn't want to get the pink version, it was too girly for me and very Legally Blonde. True enough I got called Elle Woods and Barbie that night.

The dress paired with the O Ring Necklace ($6.80 approximately P320) c/o fellow stylist Tin, short necklace with cross pendants and more bangles from Tin. (Thanks wHacko!)

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