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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Work load has reached toxic levels but I think I've crossed over...I am now a workaholic. Hahaha "Workaholic" in my (pretty -- haha) lil head is something positive, it is the person's choice to throw oneself in work immensely without remorse. Simply, you like what you do and you don't mind working your a** off. I haven't fallen in love with my work, I'm always exhausted, my weeks blur into each other but I'm excited about work so I don't resent it.

That being said, that's the reason why I haven't written a lot of articles lately. They're mostly show and tell. Haha So here's another show and tell moment, I was checking my account and saw my "stats". I have someone (or 2 people? hahaha) reading my blog from Russia?? Cool! =) This wasn't the first time it happened. Just a little tidbit that made me giddy. =)

Have a good weekend!

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