Gaga for Kaya!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

It’s 3:28 AM and I’m doing research for possible date places (no, not for me) for the dating show. Despite being sleep deprived and buried with work, I was WAY too excited about this post that I just HAD to take a break and talk about this.


Thank you Lori of Dessert Comes First!

First things, first, I don’t know how long the brand has been in Manila and how long the Ortigas branch has been around. You may be thinking, “Dear white girl, that’s so last year.” For this blonde haired girlie, she just found out so bear with me. If you’re a fan, try to remember your reaction when you first found out and revel with me.

Ya Kun in Parkway Parade (about 10-15 minute walk from our Singapore digs)

Food gets me excited, great food gets me giddy. During my OW-ZUM (that’s awesome to you) birthday celebration in Singapore last year, my lovelier than love cousin/tour guide Nix gave me and my sister an OW-ZUM time. One of our food stops was Yu Kun and I just loved their kaya. I loved it so much, that when my friend Owee went to Singapore for the holidays I MADE her buy for me.

Original, Kaya Toast

Butter Kaya Toast

Then to find out that Ya Kun is in Manila and IN Ortigas??? Haysusmaryosep!!! This….is love…..I would WAKE UP FOR BREAKFAST for this – that’s how monumental this is for me. Jogging in the morning, having breakfast at Ya Kun after….It paints such a giddy picture for me. Eeeeepppp!!! I am SSSOOO taking people here.

That's in Manila! (Photo from Dessert Comes First)

This is such an OW-ZUM early morning! =) Ew, can you feel my giddiness at all??? Hahaha

Ya Kun
G/F Fern Bldg. Escriva Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

*** Sadly, this branch is already closed. =(

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