Battle of the 2010 Planners Part Two

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

If you are MORE particular about your planner and want something with flair, here are a couple of suggestions which may convince you to part with your money.

1. Belle de Jour Planner

BDJ is one of the brands responsible for the rise of specialized planners. Many have followed their strategy which is a testament of the ingenuity of the women behind the brand.

P598, Available at National Bookstore, Fully Booked, Powerbooks and online.

2. Korean Planners
When did anything Korean go out of style? Uhm, never. It has captured the nation and never let go though I for one am not a fan. In my online quest for my 2010 planner I came across Ninjaneko’s site which housed several planners. I haven’t met anyone who owned one of these so if you don’t want to bump into someone with the same design, this might be the site for you.

Prices varies from P800 - P1k++

3. Navi:Your Life Navigator
From the brains behind the Belle de Jour Planner comes the Navi – another perfect gift for fellow kaladkarins! Keep track of your daily adventures or plot your next vacation with the help of this planner. This is also a planner that’s close to my heart because proceeds of its sales will go to MioFightsCancer, the son of good friend Jas. Be inspired everyday to fulfill your traveling dreams with Navi.

P520. Available in National Bookstore, Powerbooks, Fully Booked and online.

4. Got Heart Planner
Our sections in MCGS were thematic. In Grade 7, they were tribes; I was 7-Mangyan. This planner sorta holds a soft spot because of that little fact. The Got Heart Planner features a Manobo's paintings which coincidentally was one of the sections during my time. Proceeds of the planner will go to a T’boli school in Cotabato.

P489 at designated pick-up points and P500 for shopping. Also available in Fully Booked and ADMU.

5. Luxe Monologue Diary
I almost bought this but found it too expensive. It was sleek, simple, sophisticated and had all the elements I wanted except for the price. It was hardbound and had an elastic band which scored points with me. Also for Moleskin fans, this diary severely looks like it without the painful price.

P499 at Fully Booked.

* Photos from BDJ, Ninjaneko, Navi, Got Heart and

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