We Knead Pastry Shop is more than an egg tart place

Friday, June 07, 2024

We Knead Pastry Shop got a lot of attention when Spot featured their egg tarts. But trust me when I say their entire menu is worth a try.

It’s a spot in Ortigas Center you’ll need to seek or else you’ll miss it. Admittedly I’ve only tried a handful of items and all of them were good. You can taste the layers of the pastry with every bite. They have invented breads as well as some classics. 

Must Try: Calamansi Meringue, Apple Danish, Egg Tart, Sourdough, Pain Au Chocolat, Iced Caramel 

Calamansi Meringue (P135)
It’s good mix of tart and sweetness with the different textures of the pastry, filling and meringue. It’s one of their ingenious pastries that has become a fave of our family. 

Apple Danish (P130)
You get a strong whiff of apple immediately when you open the package. It is because of this pastry that I started looking for the apple danish in other places. 

Portuguese Egg Tarts (P595 for a box of 12)
I haven’t tried a lot of Portuguese egg tarts so I did not have anything to compare this too. So far, this takes the spot for my go-to egg tart in Meto Manila. 

Sourdough (P150)
My usual sourdough home-based business closed when the pandemic opened. We Knead recommends to freeze theirs before toasting. I think it made a difference because I love how when you toast it the edges become crunchy but the bread stays soft. I used the sourdough loaf to make an egg sandwich with shredded nori on top. 

Iced Caramel (P135)
They serve their iced coffee in 16 oz cups with 2 shots of espresso. They actually use Yardstick beans. It’s on the milky side with strong notes of coffee so I requested to lessen milk and ice. 

They open early in the morning and by lunch time 75% of their baked goods are already sold out. It’s best to drop by early or pre-order. 

104-B Parc Chateau Condominium, Sapphire Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig 

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