An honest review of Breakfast Antonio’s Robinsons Magnolia

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Our family is a fan of the Antonio’s restaurants and we’ve eaten at all of them. Is Breakfast Antonio’s Robinsons Magnolia worth the visit?

I’m 50/50. 

The restaurant is beautifully designed and service is on point. Expect to spend P600-800 per person at the least. The food however lacks the signature Antonio’s magic we’re accustomed to. I loved their Pain au Chocolat and their cookies and will be back for that. The other dishes we ordered were just okay. Some of the single serving dishes though were generous for usual standards. To some degree I wish they lessened the portioning which may lessen the price too.

I don’t know if we ordered the “wrong things” but we expected more because of the brand’s reputation. This merely means I need to give it another shot. 

Any suggestions for what to order next time? 

📍 Breakfast Antonio’s Robinsons Magnolia 
Upper Ground, Robinsons Magnolia, Doña Hemady St, cor Aurora Blvd, New Manila, Quezon City

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