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Friday, January 26, 2024

Like this photo? We can do our part to help keep our planet this beautiful. 

The past decade has shown that Climate Change is real. Helping the environment felt like such a lofty topic like I’m such a miniscule person in the world – how does it matter? It does because every step, minor or major, is a step to taking care of Mother Earth.

When I started this journey, one thing I learned is that it does not have to be “all or nothing”. I was apprehensive to begin because I felt like a fraud. How can I say I help the environment when I can’t go completely green? Well that’s the thing – you don’t have to. Take small steps to help you create better habits and bigger changes in your lifestyle. Always remember that 20% is better than 0%.

In the late 2000s my sister and I began with bringing our own bags when we shopped. Then we moved to getting a metal straw, reusable tumblers, making eco bricks, and reducing our plastic waste. In the last 5 years, my sister influenced me to go further by recycling. 

At first, it was challenging because there were very few recycling centers yet. Plus, a center sometimes could only accept one or two types of material. We would bring our plastic waste to one center then need to find another center that would accept paper waste, textile waste, or glass bottles. We would give them to these centers without anything in return.

Our country has gone so far because now, there are systemic programs in place to encourage people TO recycle. There are barangay initiatives that accept clean plastic waste and people would get groceries in return. We’re so glad that companies like Basic Environmental Systems & Technologies, Inc. (Best) exist because now, you can get reward points in exchange of your clean recyclables! For us, it’s a win because we were doing this for free anyway.

Here’s a list of the materials that Best accepts. Best is the company that initiated the program while the system they use for their rewards program is under bXtra PH. Wanted to clear it up cos it confused me for a time. 

There are numerous drop off points all over Metro Manila. This particular one is in Ortigas Center. Drop off points schedule are posted weekly on the Best FB page

They have a wide catalog where you can exchange your rewards for grocery items, Lazada credit, and can even use it to pay your utility bill. 

I hope this post inspires you to help Mama Earth out. If you have any questions, shoot me a DM or reach out to the Best team directly. 

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