Ca Va Creperie and Floral Atelier offers more than just great crepes

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Tucked in the corner of Podium you’ll find a little spot with impressive interiors.  During the day, Ca Va Creperie and Floral Atelier fills with sunlight. You’ll find different nooks that you want to photograph, the important question though - how is the food?

Green Shakshouka (P290)
Spinach, tomato, shakshouka, garlic, yoghurt
On the Double (P350)
Doublewood smoked bacon, fried rice
Meet Me at the Forest Crepe (P325)
Forest ham, tomato, basil, emmenthal
Chorizo Pasta (P310 solo, P495 sharing)
Spanish Chorizo, sundried tomatoes, black olives
Everything we tried was pretty good but the Chorizo Pasta stood out for me. It did not have cream or tomato sauce but it punches a lot of flavour without being overtly oily. Our “main dishes’ were on the lighter side because we came here for dessert. 

Mangoin' Home (P280)
Fresh mango, vanilla ice cream, butterscotch, cream
Our go to choice will always be chocolate and we wanted to balance things out by adding something fruity. This had a great balance of fresh mangoes, light cream and a crepe base that was not thick putting the flavours in the spotlight.

You Had Me at Chocnut (P290)
Chocnut, vanilla ice cream, cream
Chocnut will always be a win in my book. This was a good pick however, another chocolate crepe dish eclipses it – the Potcha. 

Potcha (P250)
Handcut salted potato chips, nutella, dark chocolate
Hands down our favorite dish at Ca Va Creperie and Floral Atelier. All the times that I’ve visited, I ordered this. A fan of the sweet and salty combinations, the Potcha satisfies that yearning. The potato chips are crisp and with nutella, it is perfection.

I don’t normally go for crepes in general and so far Ca Va Creperie and Floral Atelier is my favorite. I love that the actual crepe is just the right amount of thickness and taste.

I’ve had meetings, lunches and even birthday celebrations here. Ca Va Creperie and Floral Atelier checks of all the boxes for me – ambiance, food, and conducive for conversation. It easily is one of my fave places in The Podium Mall. Brunch, lunch or dinner – it’s an excellent place to be. 

Ca Va Creperie and Floral Atelier
GF Podium Mall, Julia Vargas, Mandaluyong

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