Life is a rainbow at Happy Beans Metrowalk

Monday, June 19, 2017

Have you ever been to a place and without doing anything, just stepping inside you feel delight? Tucked in the mess that is Metrowalk is a café that would brighten your day. Meet Happy Beans.

I never find myself in Metrowalk at all by choice but because of this place, 3 rainbow loving cousins made plans to visit. It is important to share that Happy Beans opens at 3 PM. On our first attempt to visit we were there past 1 PM only to be disappointed.

We headed there as soon as the café opened because I knew the interiors would look amazing during the day – and it did. The Heima-esque design was smile inducing. I loved how everything was put together from the color scheme to the furniture pieces. This looked like our kind of place.
Another advantage of going in the middle of the afternoon is having the place all to ourselves. We had our way shooting the different nooks of the café and when it was time to photograph the food.
There are games available for you to enjoy as well.
Skinny Chix (P88)
Crispy chicken skin
Nothing to see here but addictive fat on a board, it is so good but bad for the heart.
Silly Bombs (P148)
Their version of dynamite.
These sticks are deceiving. There were a few sticks that weren’t spicy and some that gave so much heat. The first one I tried was mild so I happily took on another stick and got the spicy one and got insanely surprised. I had to reach for my drink right away.
Spam Jam (P168)
Spam fries
There wasn’t anything different about their version, it tasted like normal spam cut up.
Meaty Pizza (P148)
6 inch pizza
Tuna Rainbow Sandwich (P98)
Rainbow Coffee (P128)
Happy Beans made its round on social media because of this drink, their Rainbow Latte. It is very pretty to look at but if you like your coffee strong, this isn’t the cup for you.
Flat White (P88)
Compared to the Rainbow Coffee, their Flat White was much stronger which I liked. It had the strong bitter taste of coffee though it was a bit watery.
Rainbow Cake
I’ve always wanted to have a rainbow cake for my birthday even before it became popular. So you can imagine my glee when I finally had my share? This slice of cake was as sweet as it looks but it was dry.
Rainbow Milkshare (P180)
Sugar in a jar!
Paalala, ang matagal na pagkuha ng litrato ay nakakasira sa milkshare. Lol Love Nix’s face here! We really did take our time shooting the food.


Besides the lovely interiors, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay because of the servers. They always greeted us with a smile, gamely answered our questions about the menu and happily took our group photos. We were already full and they gave us the pretty Rainbow Cake for dessert.

Without a doubt the food and interiors of Happy Beans are instagramable. The ambiance and service is on point, I would go back for that. However, food needs much improvement. The dishes we ordered tasted average over all. It would be the perfect place to be if food gets better.

Happy Beans
2nd Floor Metrowalk Commercial Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig


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