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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I've only been to Circuit Makati twice to watch plays. I was there in February 2016 for Constellations and just last month for Sa Wakas. Since I rarely find myself in the area, I searched for an only-found-in-Circuit-place for my lunch date with Danix. It was an easy decision to dine at Mudpie Heaven.

One word, dessert.

File this under #Priorities. We chose our main dish based on what we wanted for dessert. 

Miso Carbonara with Mini Sausage Meathballs (P320)
We are 2 girls with average appetites so do not be surprised that we only had one main dish. Besides, Mudpie Heaven's serving were for sharing. I did not taste any Miso in this dish but it did have classic elements of a carbonara - rich, creamy, and oh good lord cheesy. The Miso Carbonara may not have bacon (my favorite part!) but the sausage meatballs were the perfect balance to the richness of the sauce.
Mississippi Mudpie (P250)
Oreo crust, chocolate cake, vanilla and dark chocolate gelato topped with ganache and whipped cream
THIS is the MAIN reason why we made our way to this corner of Circuit Makati. It was the right balance of sweetness without being overpowering. The layers of ice cream and Oreo are the perfect dessert for the chocolate lover who needs to turn a bad day into a good one.

From my first visit, not much has changed in Circuit Makati. It's a sleepy mall which had some stores closed on a Sunday. The big patch of grass on the side makes it popular with families and kids.

Mudpie Heaven is enough reason to visit this part of Makati.  It was challenging to pick just one dessert since the others were tempting too like the Smores Mudpie, Milky Buns and the Nutella Gelato cup.  Based on the 2 dishes we tried, their strength is in their desserts. I'm so ready for round 2! Who’s coming with me?

Mudpie Heaven
2nd Floor Circuit Lane, Circuit Makati, A.P. Reyes Street, Olympia, Makati City
02-793 0479

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